Notional Mess

readings and writings, by fojee

“Plenty and peace breeds cowards; hardness ever of hardiness is mother.”

– William Shakespeare, “Cymbeline”

“When any space is bought, even if only temporarily, it changes to fit its sponsors. And the more previously public spaces are sold to corporations or branded by them, the more we as citizens are forced to play by corporate rules to access our own culture.”

– Naomi Klein, “No Logo”

“she is aware, of course, that there are many unpleasant things in the notebooks — days of dissatisfaction, quarrels, even boredom. but that is not what counts. she has no desire to turn the past into poetry, she wants to give the past back its lost body. she is not compelled by a desire for beauty, she is compelled by a desire for life.”

– the book of laughter and forgetting, milan kundera (via commovente)



the strange richness of our own history
like wet imprints intersecting
with sidewalk cracks.
all I have are codes,
now indecipherable.

they make for poor poetry.


who was the mimic? why did he come and where did he go?
love left me windswept and bewildered.

she was cool, the girl in red. mouthy, and sweet.
one day, we built something
by chance. my unfaith wavered.
love left me smiling and ignorant.

and now? I love the girl under the cloud.
I am helpless anyway.


what home? what ambered moment?
inherited pain scribbled in books,
poison aggressively forgotten,
history spiralling out.

the flood rises, the riot
washes over the streets.

I close my eyes under the sun
and keep floating.


Christine Fojas